FLYBIKES Fuego Devon Smillie tire 20 x 2.30" BLACK


The Fly Bikes Fuego tire in 2.30" BLACK is Devon Smillie's signature model. To match Devon's style of riding, the Fugeo tire features a slick style tread pattern to increase contact area, a high pressure casing with tear resistant layer for strength, and sidewall "protection lines" that reduce drag and help protect the sidewall from grind damage.

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  • 20x2.30"

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The tread pattern on this tire is 2.3" wide, but the casing itself can inflate to 2.5" wide.

20 x 2.30"
Inflated Width: 2.5" (63.5mm)
Inflated Diameter: 21" (534mm)
Max Pressure: 120 psi
Weight: 27 oz

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