SALT PLUS Trapez Freecoaster / Cassette hub


SALT PLUS Trapez Freecoaster and Cassette hub! The lightest coaster system out there, that you can switch to cassette mode! Choose your colorway and drive side in the options.

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  • Polished
  • RHD / A droite

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6061-T6 aluminum body / Usiné CNC machined / 36 holes
2x 6902-2RS sealed bearings
CNC machined chromoly freecoaster driver / 9 teeth
2x 6802-2RS and 1x 15267-2RS sealed bearings
Retractable 3x pawls internal system
Chromoly male axle / Heat-treated / CNC machined / 14 x 1mm threads
Chromoly nuts / Forged / Heat-treated / Tight with 17mm hexagonal wrench
Steel and aluminum cones
Steel washers
Spacing : 110mm
Verified weight : 465 grams

Inludes a set of pawls / springs for switching to cassette mode, and 2 disks to adjust the freecoaster gap
Tutorial :

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