TSG Ankle Guard cam protections
  • TSG Ankle Guard cam protections

TSG Ankle Guard cam protections

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Pair of TSG Ankle Guard Cam protections, featuring some elastic straps, EVA foam pads and more!

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- Elastic Straps underfoot
- Elastic foam to maintain the protections around the ankle
- Hulls PE and EVA foam pads on each side to protect the ankles
- Hull EVA inner side of each side, for protecting at above the ankles

1.5mm PE shell,
EVA foam L2500,
Nylon PK,
EVA foam C1000B,
Nylon stitching,
elastic Straps

Size S / M:
Ankle Circumference: 18 to 23cm

Size L / XL:
Ankle Circumference: 23 to 28cm
9.8 10 1278