INNOVA PRO Whiplash tire 20 x 2.125" KEVLAR


Latest INNOVA PRO Tailwhip tire in 20 x 2.125" and KEVLAR Beads. Perfect for riders who want a light and fast tire. Sold individually.

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  • 20x2.125"

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20 x 2.125"
Inflated width: 2.09" (53mm)
Inflated diameter: 20.2" (513mm)
Max pressure: 110 psi (7.5bars)
Weight: 519 grams

60 tpi casing :
This tire uses a 60 tpi (Threads per inch) casing, made from Nylon 66. More tpi means a tighter casing pattern, so less gum between each threads, which create a lighter and more foldable tire, without strength sacrifice.

Kevlar beads : Forget the classic steel beads. The PRO range uses Dupont® Kevlar folding beads, which create a lighter tire, easy to carry in your bag. Each INNOVA-PRO tire in delivered within a 26x14x10cm box.

Max pressure 110psi / 7.5bars : Perfect for riders who want a maximum speed between each transition.

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